What is container lifting and moving services?

Bay Area Container lift and moveWe pickup and deliver your storage container wherever and whenever you need it.

These are mobile, self loading container trailer trucks known as Side-loaders. They are also referred to as  side-lifters and sometimes as ‘self loading trailers.’

Do you need them? R&A Trucking has them! Watch the video below to see how Side-lifting container trucks work.

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Who uses container lifting and moving?

  • Construction companies & builders
  • Entertainers, bands and movie companies
  • Professional sports teams
  • Event planners and cities
  • People moving overseas

Why use container lifting and moving?

  • Saves 2 round trip loading/unloading truck trips
  • Saves money on labor
  • Better on-time performance (Pro company manages all transit from origin to destination)
  • Convenience and peace of mind knowing your materials are on-site and secure during project

How does this work?

View this video below to see what it’s all about and how it works.

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